NXT LEVEL Sports Performance

NXT Level offers training programs for all athletes and competitive levels.  Our programs are age-specific focusing on various stages of development to create a Long Term Athletic Development (LTAD) plan for each individual.  This allows us to increase training motivation, reduce the risk of overtraining and injury, and to optimize training results.   NXT Level utilizes a scientific approach, along with the most up-to-date research, to design the programs that enhance our young athletes' performance.  Our athletes are taught to search for continued improvement rather than immediate success.


Each athlete will undergo a functional movement screen and a general athletic assessment guided by performance specialists to identify postural dysfunctions or muscular imbalances that may limit maximum athletic potential and lead to injury.  With the use of a professionally developed assessment system which assigns number values to various movement skills, we can objectify this inherently subjective process.


In addition, each athlete will undergo a sport-specific testing battery to objectively measure the metabolic, neuromuscular, and motor skill demands of the athlete's sport of choice.  All tests have been divided by type to specifically address lower and upper body power, agility, speed & quickness, and overall fitness.   This allows for a better understanding of his or her performance potential and ability. 


Active participation in competitive sports involves a combination of flexibility, strength & power, proprioception, balance, and stability.  One of the most critical determinants of success in sports is the speed at which an athlete can accurately perform the appropriate movement or motor pattern.  An essential element is the ability to rapidly and effectively accelerate, decelerate, and re-accelerate.  


 Program Highlights Include


             Speed & Agility Development                                            Core Strengthening & Development  

            •Acceleration & Deceleration Mechanics                          Functional Strength & Power        

            •Multi-Directional Movement Skills                                    Balance & Coordination  

            •Flexibility & Injury Prevention                                            •Mental Toughness                          

                                                                                                                Nutritional Guidance