NXT LEVEL Sports Performance

Our Philosophy  

NXT Level Sports was created to focus on a missing piece in the development and performance of the serious young athlete. 

As a result, our program focuses on these 4 cornerstone athletic  requirements for athletes to excel in their development and also to aid in injury prevention.

Strength                        •Power                        •Balance                         •Stability  

* Our approach to performance training will keep you in the game and advance your  performance to the highest levels.



Our Team

Frank Butera-  Frank has 15 years of experience with an extensive sports medicine background and knowledge base.  He has worked with many athletes and addressed many associated acute and chronic sports-related injuries.  He is a certified Youth Speed & Agility Specialist and a certified Youth Athletic Assessment Specialist.  He played varsity soccer for Northern Valley Old Tappan H.S. & the Orangetown Soccer Club and coached youth soccer for many years.

Sandra Butera-  Sandra is a board-certified physical therapist and athletic performance program developer with over 15 years of experience and a vast knowledge of kinesiology, joint & spine biomechanics, and posture & gait analysis.   She played varsity tennis for Northern Valley Old Tappan H.S. and went on to play for Northeastern University (NCAA Division 1), and currently coaches highly ranked US junior tennis players.