NXT LEVEL Sports Performance

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   NXT Level Sports Team Members   

     Dr. Frank Butera  (201) 248-9300

     Chris Haskell  (201) 207-2080    

     Sandra Butera                              


    Mailing Address   

     NXT Level Sports Performance

     120 East Main Street,  #271

     Ramsey, NJ 07446



NXT Level Sports Performance operates within the Superdome Sports Complex in Waldwick, New Jersey.  This facility is committed to being the top amateur and professional sports complex in NJ, with its state-of-the-art climate controlled venues and a considerate, knowledgeable staff.  The Superdome is designed for athletes who are dedicated to improving their performance and athleticism.  It is committed to providing an environment which is always safe, clean, and friendly.

The training area is fully equipped with necessary practical equipment, offers a 3-lane rubberized sprinting and running track, and has an abundance of open turf for an effective speed & agility developmental program.

     • Facility is over 79,000 sq. feet

     • Climate-controlled dome 67 feet tall

     • Designated Warm Up and Plyometric Area

     • Most advanced, shock absorbent grass-like synthetic surface

     • Three-lane rubberized sprinting & running track